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Ef þér finnst eðlisfræði leiðinleg þá er þessi grein fyrir þig. Við munum segja þér nokkrar skemmtilegar staðreyndir sem hjálpa þér að skoða nýtt ástvini þitt.

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Do you have a desire to write an article, edit it? You have many thoughts, but do not you know how to correctly and correctly express them in writing? There is nothing difficult, our advice will help you.

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The SPM NANOEDUCATOR II uses a principle similar to a semi-contact AFM, but it uses a different sensor, different from the classic one (see Fig. further sections "Types of sensors" and "Construction of SPM NANOEDUCATOR II").

Atmospheric air

Atmospheric air comes through an air filter (1) with an integrated filter element. Purified air, passing through the multi-function suction regulator (2), enters the screw block (3). In the screw unit, air is compressed, and it is mixed with the oil, which is injected dosed.

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Nowadays people read a lot in reality. Countless messages, a news feed non-stop, favorite blogs on the Internet ... But the books will not replace anything. It is reading books that helps a person to improve like no other way.